Journey with us...

Journey with us...

Monday, March 5, 2018

Lenten Surprises

Are you still struggling to figure out just how to really make Lent better?  How can we most profit from this season of graces?  Sometimes what we plan and what the Lord asks are two different things.  

This lent has been full of surprises and, while I still feel I am sort of drifting, I want to share with you a beautiful story of how the Lord uses us even in our drifting moments. 

As many of you know, I am responsible for the upkeep of the website for the Guard of Honor.  This Association stems from the very heart of our charism to spread devotion and make reparation to the Sacred Heart.  Each member chooses an hour to dedicate to the Lord every day.  While they do not change their external activities, they are actively placing themselves at the foot of the Cross and consoling Jesus through whatever they must do at that time.  

There have been a great number of holy men and women, Saints and Blesseds who have been members of the Guard of Honor and found great strength in this practice.  It was my hope to write articles and place short bios of them onto our website…. But the Lord had other plans.  

After a few months of this goal sitting on the back shelf of my heart, I finally admitted that I couldn’t do it.  I needed help.  Within 36 hours of sending out a call for help to our members, every holy member of the past had a current member ready to research and write their story!  

The most telling gift came when one of our members sent an article she had been reading just hours before I sent out my cry for help….

“On February 27, 1884, an anarchist broke into the convent garden of La Servianne at Marseilles, rushed upon the superior, Mother Marie of Jesus, and her attendant and fired five pistol shots at them, wounding them both mortally.  The Superior fell covered with blood.  ‘I forgive him.  All for the cause’ were her last and only words.”

The date… February 27!  This was the day I sent out my cry for help!  This holy religious was the first Zealatrix (promoter) of the Guard of Honor!  She still promotes and encourages from her heavenly home.  May we all have the grace this lent to follow those little inspirations and even to ask for help so that His will can be made known and followed!

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