Journey with us...

Journey with us...

Friday, June 23, 2017

Happy Feast Day!

Dear friends it is already late and so I must write briefly, but how could I allow the Feast of the Sacred Heart to pass without at least a short note.  We concluded our Triduum this evening and Fr. Pierz gave a wonderful homily which spoke of the Love of the Heart of Christ.  Most importantly, the need to be vulnerable with others and with the Lord.  He used a quote from GK Chesterton in which Chesterton speaks of how to keep a heart from breaking... never give it away in love.  Yet in this "protected" state, the heart becomes hardened and cold and alone in the middle of a dark castle.

Jesus' Sacred Heart is depicted with a crown of thorns around it.  Father pointed out that this means each beat, each expansion of His Heart also means that the thorns pierce deeper, they pierce more fully into the Heart of Our Lord.

Let us not be afraid to Love, to imitate that Heart which desires to beat for us, even if this means a perpetual piercing of His tenderness.

I will leave you with another thought from a book we recently read in the refectory, The Illustrious Friends of the Sacred Heart (paraphrased): The love of Christ is so immense that the sufferings of His passion put a limit on the expression of His Love.  Yes, His sufferings, due to their connection with His humanity had to be finite (although beyond anything we can imagine), yet His Love is INFINITE!

Sacred Heart of Jesus, Pray for us!

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  1. Happy belated feast day, Sisters! I've just discovered your blog (in researching St. Jane de Chantal). I will try to follow.