Journey with us...

Journey with us...

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Feast of the Visitation!

Happy Feast Day!  

Its a beautiful day here at the Monastery as we have permission for Adoration all day and we close our Adoration with a procession in honor of Our Lady.  Each year our names are placed in a box and a lucky sister is chosen to crown the Blessed Virgin.  She is free to choose any statue in the house and this year our sister has chosen Our Lady of Fatima outside!  Happy Anniversary dear Lady!

We also have a wonderful benefactor who brings us a beautiful picture cake with the Visitation on it!

But most of all we spend the day in prayer and in joy, walking with Our Lady as each moment of the day passes.  Inviting her to "make haste" and walk with us as we go enjoy the outdoors, or to inspire within us that same amazement with Elizabeth felt when Mary came to visit her.  Yes, let us cultivate this amazement at the mercy and gift of God today.  He has come down to us AND is RISEN!  Alleluia!

Happy feast day dear friends!