Journey with us...

Journey with us...

Sunday, February 26, 2017


This quote was sent to my e-mail this morning and I wanted to share.  God bless you!  Let us pray for all those who may spend these days preceeding Lent in acts which turn them away from God.  Let us use this time to get ready for this time of deep conversion!

"In so far as divine love beautifies our souls and makes us pleasing to his divine Majesty, it is called grace; in so far as it gives us strength to do good, it is called charity; but when it reaches such a degree of perfection, that it makes us not only do the good, but do so carefully, frequently, and readily, then it is called devotion." -St. Francis de Sales

Monday, February 6, 2017

Obedience to the Sacred Heart

I recently came across this wonderful resource of "tickets".  A little booklet with 33 different devotions for the Sacred Heart.  It was designed for members of the Guard of Honor and the intention is to draw one each month and then try t really allow the Lord to work through this message.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Guard of Honor, it is an association of laity, religious, and priests who dedicate at least one hour of their day to consciously make reparation to the Heart of Jesus. In this hour the member can remain in their regular duties, but they do these from their station at the foot of the Cross.  They remain with the Lord in His Agony and this simple presence brings Him consolation.

So... perhaps the Lord would like me to share one of these with you today.  I opened the booklet to #17:

The Soul obedient with the Sacred Heart

" He was obedient unto death".  Jesus obeyed not only His Father, God; and Mary and Joseph; but He also obeyed His executioners.  Who can tell with what humility, with that love, His divine Heart submitted Itself thus!  It was because He knew our extreme repugnance to bend our will to the will of others, that He chose thus to encourage us, and to be to us an Example.  That you may console this good Father for the rebellions of which so many children are guilty, obey those who are placed over you, willingly, even should they be your enemies, or wish to injure you.

By the submission of Thy Sacred Heart, Bid all revolt from my poor soul depart 

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